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In your session(s) with Spencer, you'll work together to get a clear financial picture of your day-to-day life, alongside more future-focused goals. 

Spencer tailors each session to your needs, based on where you are in your budgeting journey. Been budgeting for years but haven't found a system that sticks? Sweating at the thought of having to confront your spending habits? Or perhaps you saw a friend's budget and thought "I should get me one of those." 


Whatever your job(s), income, or history with money, Spencer can be the accountability partner your need to build the habits necessary to create and stick to a financial plan. Check out pricing and packages below:

Single Session


Great for:

  • One-off YNAB support sessions

  • Getting feedback on your current budgeting system

  • A trial run to see if you and Spencer are a good fit

3-Session Package

$113/hr - (10% off)

Ideal for:

  • Someone with previous budgeting experience

  • Setting up good habits around money

  • Creating a spending plan for the day-to-day, getting out of debt, or long-term goals

5-Session Package

$100/hr - (20% off)

Best for:

  • Brand new budgeters

  • Having an accountability partner from day one

  • Making a true commitment to changing your relationship to your budget and your money! 

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